10 Questions with Aaron about his new class YB Basic

1. What is YB Basic?

I wanted to create a class where we could teach people the beginner level information and they could have space and time to ask the questions that they need answers to in order to be successful in a Yoga Belly or YBX class. In Y B Basic it is my intention to pass on knowledge to people and empower them into a deeper level of self-awareness in a yoga class.

2. How is this different from Yoga Belly & YBX?

First and foremost it isn’t a flow class. I pull elements of Flow, Yoga Tune-Up and from my personal experience to pass on the basics to you. Will you sweat? Probably. I do a little warm up every class and we end up holding poses for an extended period of time to allow time for examination and adjustment. This might be a little hard in the beginning for some but the extra time allows us to work on understanding the intention for the pose and how your body relates to that intention.

3. What can I expect to learn from YB Basic?

Topics vary but I try to swing back around for refreshers as new people join the class. I usually have some type of theme or topic in regards to specific poses that we are breaking down. Also I go into some additional layers and break down for people the thought process that goes into planning a class or different yogic elements that will elevate the understanding of why you feel the way you feel when you leave a class. Its really awesome to create space in a class to really get into the details and take questions and create dialogue for people around the practice.

4. If i’ve been practicing for a while… How would this class help me?

I think this class isn’t necessarily for you. William is trying out something similar with YB Freestyle for the advanced practitioner. It really depends on how well you understand YOUR practice. People can practice for years and not have an understanding how their body specifically relates to the practice. Body awareness and a deeper knowledge of the asana in relation to their specific needs.

5. Is the class heated?

I warm the room to help with opening the body. I like to practice yoga in a warm environment. Not nuclear hot….just warm.

6. How do I prepare for class?

Mat, Towel, Water Bottle….the usual.

7. Is class ok to take if I have injuries?

Injuries is such a generality. The class is done workshop style so it’s okay to sit in and ask questions. I can help you understand how to modify your practice into something manageable if your doctor says it’s okay to practice.

8. What is the style of this class?

Pimp style obviously. Haha j/k. I think I mentioned it earlier. I try to keep it workshop style

9. Will i get a workout & sweat in this class?

Everyone seems to break a sweat in class. We are definitely moving through postures, we just aren’t flowing to the breath as in a typical Yoga Belly and/or YBX class.

10. How big is this class? Will I get individual attention?

I’ve thought about capping classes to 15 if it becomes unmanageable but so far there are usually around 10 people that come to each class. I try to give everyone their time and create an environment that is fun and conducive to learning.

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