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Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 6

I feel like Jimmy Swaggart in a cheap hotel with a hooker….I have sinned! I skipped another day. I told you I am going to have to deal with myself. Tuesday came and I felt a bit overwhelmed and so I went back to bed after I taught my morning class and had lunch with […]

Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 5

Monday’s are not really a part of my existence anymore. I live in a world that is more like Groundhog Day than anything else. Every day is an opportunity to work, play, see friends….laugh. Today was no exception. I decided noon with Dustin in Mountain View would be my yoga for the day and was […]

Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 4

I skipped another day already damn it. I had to teach yesterday morning and then William and I had an arm balance workshop in the afternoon. My only choice was to take Courtney’s 4:30pm class and I decided to go home and rest….Believe me, you don’t have to say it. I get it. Lazy is […]

Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 of the challenge was today and not yesterday because I ended up having to sub for Mr. Jeffrey Lang’s Thursday night class. We needed a reserve beard to fill in for the mighty bearded one and I stepped up to the plate to help out. I taught the 6am, 9:15am, Noon in San […]

February 21 Day Challenge – Day 2

Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge Day 2 of my 21 day challenge was pretty awesome. I decided to go to one of my favorite gals on the planet Summer’s Wednesday 9:15am class in San Jose. I like to do her check-in and occasionally take her yoga class but it had been a while and so […]

February 21 Day Challenge – Day 1

I am getting a slow start to my 21 day challenge. It’s already day 3 of Feb. and I have just completed Day one of my challenge. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to come down to the wire and I will have no extra days left by mid-month and have to go everyday till […]