February 21 Day Challenge – Day 2

Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge

Day 2 of my 21 day challenge was pretty awesome. I decided to go to one of my favorite gals on the planet Summer’s Wednesday 9:15am class in San Jose. I like to do her check-in and occasionally take her yoga class but it had been a while and so I decided to go see her and get my yoga on. I enjoy the morning classes in San Jose. It’s a small group of folks (9 today) and I know most of them since I do the majority of my teaching in San Jose and was pleasantly surprised to see the amazing Dustin Jones (also participating in the challenge) taking his Day 2 class with Summer too.

I really like Summer. I love how people respond to her energy and light. The kindness with which she illuminates those around her. She’s the kind of woman that women love and guys find attractive. The love and kindness with which she presents is matched with a dry sarcasm and witty humor that can be tossed around with the best of them. Summer embodies what I love most about the practice in that it has the power to change us for the better if we step outside of our comfort zone and push ourselves to be our best self. I have seen her as a student for several years and watched her entire journey as an instructor and it is amazing to see someone transition from student to teacher with such grace. If you get a chance to take Summers class she’s pretty amazing. Can you tell I am a fan?

As far as the practice goes…i’ve resolved myself to dial down my practice to a stunning 65% effort in order to maximize benefit and pro-long endurance in the challenge. Plus with the plantar fasciitis on the mend in my feet I don’t want to ruin the work of my amazing chiropractor Dr. Taylor Griffith at Movement Chiropractic and Wellness  and Acupuncturist Grace Bolton at Nurture Acupuncture SHAMELESS PLUGS cause they are amazing! Moving with awareness in the practice more often will serve you more often than pushing at full throttle at your edge. Can you find what that edge is in your practice? Do you understand your boundaries? Do you understand how to safely move those boundaries into a more open, limber, stronger you….that’s the journey. That’s the magic. That’s the magic of these types of challenges. I’m holding strong at Day 2. See you in the studio soon.

All my love,

P.S. I hope I used the right filter to put you in your best light Summer, per your request….

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