February 21 Day Challenge is going on now…

Greetings and salutations Yoga Belly Family. We have kicked off our first of a few different challenges that we will be doing through-out 2015. I’ve decided to participate in this year’s 21 day challenge so that I can reach out and be among the people and blog about my experiences. It’s also an opportunity to jump start my own personal practice since I have been taking time off to deal with my feet. I’ve had plantar fasciitis and it hasn’t been pretty to deal. My personal practice has been sporadic and it’s time for me to jump back on the mat and dedicate some hours to my studio practice. There always seems to be an excuse to not practice. That doesn’t change when you become a teacher. If anything it becomes more intense. That doesn’t change when you own a yoga studio….if anything it only becomes even more intense. It’s good to go back to the beginning. Back to your first love…that space on the mat, surrounded by your brothers and sisters in arms, sweating, moving, and shifting energy and mindsets. I hope to take this month and make time on my mat a bigger priority. I hope to see you, practice with you. Share my thoughts regarding my time in the studio. Happy February Yoga Belly. I hope to see your smiling faces and share space with you. I hope that you will find the time to start your own challenge. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Make yourself a priority and push your practice into the next level. We are going to give away some awesome prizes, more details to come as the month goes on. Practice 21 out of the 28 days in february and you will automatically be entered in the drawing to win. Best of luck.

Love and Light,

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