April Buchheit

My name is April Buchheit and I’m in California, USA. I teach in English.

I specialize in Instinctive MeditationTM, a practice of cultivating friendly awareness and open engagement with life through the breath, senses, emotions, and instincts. It is a practice that is sensible and sensory, effortless and free of dogma. Within my own private practice I offer one-on-one and group instruction encouraging clients to be curious and playful in their practice of arriving at a deeply restful state.

I have been a yoga and meditation practitioner for 10 years. I earned my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2017 and my 300-hour certification in 2021. Both certifications are registered through Yoga Alliance. It was while I was earning my 300-hour certification that I discovered my calling to be of service to others through my voice as a meditation coach especially for individuals with mental health challenges and parents of neurodivergent children. It was in response to this call that I am furthering my study under Dr. Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine, founders of the Radiance SutrasⓇ School of Meditation. I endeavor to complete my 200-hour certification as a meditation teacher in the Spring of 2022. I believe that combining Instinctive MeditationTM with gentle yoga asanas will help people find their own pathways to unifying their body and their mind so that they are able to release tension and cultivate a deep connection to what they love about their life.

When I am off my yoga mat or meditation cushion I turn to creative pursuits such as hip hop dancing, playing the guitar, and improvisational comedy. I share my live with my husband and our two teenage children.