Brian Clemons

My name is Brian Clemons, and I am a yoga instructor here in the United States. My home studio is in Charleston, West Virginia. I will be teaching all of my classes in English.

Roughly six years ago, I began my yoga journey. It started out as a supplementation to my regular volleyball workouts in college. The more classes I attended, the more I realized there was so much more to yoga than getting a deep stretch in. Soon after, I looked into getting my initial teacher certification. Since then, I have branched out to experience the various styles of yoga. I enjoy a solid vinyasa style class, as well as a Hot Bikram class. In recent years, I discovered BUTI yoga. This modern style of yoga has become my constructive outlet in more ways than one. The mix of dynamic asanas, tribal dance, and deep core engagement is the perfect blend for any yogi wishing to take their practice one step further. In 2021, I received my BUTI instructor certification and my Primal Flow certification (a sub-format of BUTI yoga).

I have always enjoyed a more intense yoga class. I believe that’s the main reason I have been drawn to yoga practices such as Hot Yoga and BUTI. However, the more intense classes have also provided me with a profound appreciation for restorative classes. When I began my teachings, I wanted to bring this same love into the classroom. I love providing my students with that extra push they need to reach the best version of themselves. In doing so, my BUTI classes are meant to make you sweat! They are intense, but diamonds are formed under pressure, right?

When I’m not on the yoga mat, I am working full time as a forensic scientist. Due to the nature of my job, I rely on my yoga practice to help keep me grounded. It provides me with a sense of peace and relaxation. It serves as a huge stress reliever after a long week of intense cases. I hope to provide similar experiences in my classes.

I am always open to conversation, comments, and feedback. Please feel free to reach out and connect! My Instagram handle is: @Bclemons14

Hope to see you on the mat real soon!