Heeru Lalwani

My name is Heeru Lalwani and I’m in Laos. I teach my classes in English.
I heard about Yoga many times before. But when I was suffering from asthma, Yoga handheld me & pulled me out of my sufferings & diseases. From that time, Yoga has been part of my daily routine, rather Yoga is part of me. 
I teach what I love and I practice gentle hatha & flexibility flow on my mat. But my practice continues the whole day to become a Yogi, as yoga is not just done on mat, it is the way of life, union of body breath and mind. 
I have been teaching for more than 10 years. I am certified trainer from QCI – quality control of India, Government of India 🇮🇳 . I specialize in Flexibility Flow. 
I am a teacher who teaches according to the level of participants and their needs. My classes are full of energy! I guarantee that all the participants will leave my class with full of energy and relaxed mind. 
I love to spend time in my kitchen exploring healthy recipes! I love making new friends! Love to help the people around me! I enjoy cooking, dancing, adventures, enthusiastic, spending time with my friends, and traveling. 
Stay connected with me via Instagram @flexible_yogi and @heeruaol and onFacebook @heeru n prateek.