Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 4

I skipped another day already damn it. I had to teach yesterday morning and then William and I had an arm balance workshop in the afternoon. My only choice was to take Courtney’s 4:30pm class and I decided to go home and rest….Believe me, you don’t have to say it. I get it. Lazy is as Lazy does, Forrest. I needed the rest.

Today was day 4 and I chose to go to Yoga Tune-Up for the #joshmarksexperience. I went to Yoga Tune-Up training with Josh last year and it was great to see him come full circle and sub for the class where he discovered his first love of YTU. I love Josh, he makes me smile and shake my head disapprovingly at the same time. Since we met at the Yoga Belly Anniversary party in 2013 we have been thick as thieves. We are of the same generation and have pretty much the same frame of reference for pop culture. I can make pretty much any reference from my childhood and Josh gets it. He is a faithful friend and has grown from being my assistant in San Jose to leading his own classes and going on his own journey as an instructor. I’m proud of the way that he keeps moving forward and being hopeful for the future in spite of having to start over after moving to California from Thailand and re-starting his life over. I’m re-inspired for my own journey when I see him making adjustments and corrections along the path keeping his head up. He’s a good man.

As far as my practice was concerned today I thought I had a pretty good showing. Yoga Tune-Up isn’t like the regular flow classes at Yoga Belly. It really hones in on the concept of Maximum benefit / minimum wear and tear. I’m able to go a bit harder in tune-up and leave with that feeling of refreshment rather than being wiped from getting my ass spanked. I find it’s a good addition to my regular practice and encourages me to look at my body / my practice through a different set of eyes. With a deeper understanding of how my body works I can set goals in my regular flow practice and maintain my body for some of the deeper work that takes place on the mat. I find it to be a perfect addition to the time I spend on my mat in “me time”

I keep plugging away at this challenge and hopefully you are doing the same Yoga Belly. I look forward to seeing your faces and practicing with me.

All my love,

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