Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 5

Monday’s are not really a part of my existence anymore. I live in a world that is more like Groundhog Day than anything else. Every day is an opportunity to work, play, see friends….laugh. Today was no exception. I decided noon with Dustin in Mountain View would be my yoga for the day and was greeted warmly by my home girls Manisha, Tiffany, Summer and Tim. We practiced up at the front together and was surrounded by warm smiles of the friendly crowd. Great energy in the room.

Every time I see Dustin teaching these days I swell with pride. One of my job’s in the studio is to be able to spot potential and talent. I almost passed on Dustin after his audition. It was between him and someone else and I made a last minute decision to go back and re-visit Dustin because something in my gut was telling me that there was something there that I needed to explore further. He was like a young Jeff Lang in the way he explored movement and was quite the anatomy geek. Even though he was green, I decided to bring him in and work with him. What a good decision that was. I really hit the nail on the head. A little over a year later and I can look at Dustin with wonder and amazement as to where his talent and skill are rising to. There is a kindness and innocence to the brutal intensity of his classes that compares to no one. He has tapped into a unique experience that is his own and continues to grow and be embraced by others. He’s definitely special. I did a good job in hiring him.

My practice was pretty good today. Not too hard, not too soft, just right. After a day off and tune-up yesterday I was ready to push myself a little harder. I have a tendency to want to push myself to please others. I find myself not wanting to look deficient in others eyes. Surrounded by other teachers and people that take my own classes on the regular drive something inside of me that wants to “prove something”. I’m good enough, strong enough, worthy to teach. It’s my own internal dialogue that disconnects my body from my mind. I have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter what I can or cannot do. It’s the spirit with which I approach the mat, the practice. The drive to show up, be present, move, shift my energy to the places of the body and mind that need it most. To open my body and mind to an intention of living my best life. Embracing life and movement and the sheer joy of living an active joyful life. Today I showed up. I moved. I lived. I did it surrounded by people I love. I was LIVING.

All my love,

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