Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 7

Hello there Yoga Belly. Day 7 of my 21 day challenge and I am reporting from my home after waking up from a drooling coma like nap that I took just now after teaching three classes and then auditioning a new teacher this afternoon. I know what you are thinking to yourself, “Hey, auditioning a teacher isn’t taking a class that counts toward the challenge.” In my world though we have ruled on the subject and said to ourselves….Good enough! What am I gonna do? Award myself free yoga? Lol

Meet Grace Bolton. She’s an amazing graduate of the YogaSource Las Gatos teacher training program as well as my acupuncturist that I have mentioned in a previous post , she’s pretty awesome. Hopefully you will be seeing more of her around the studio as she spends some time getting to know folks and being a politician, kissing babies and shaking hands.

I’m taking some time off from teaching to prepare for our upcoming YB Teacher Training program that starts weekend after next so hopefully I will see you guys in the studio and we will be able to practice together. Hang in there kiddies! Stay strong.

All my love,

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