Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 and it is Valentine’s Day weekend. Sometimes its good to surround yourself with loved ones. Being present in the moment and not should-ing on yourself. I had intended on taking Saturday off to allow William to spend the day with his better half but after a night on the town with our friends Hani and Philippe and a day spent hanging out with William for Valentines we decided to keep the party going and take a drive up the coast and have lunch in Bodega Bay with our friends Anna and Rich who we have known for a while. Technically I have known Anna as long as I have known William. We all met on the same day. So it was needed to catch up and hang out and touch base.

Practicing yoga is about being present and listening to your body in this moment. This applies to other areas as well as the physical practice. Being present in your primary relationship, understanding what you need to propel yourself into the space that you want to see yourself in. Deeper in love, a more meaningful connection. The practice on the mat is the physical expression of the mindset that we present in all areas of our lives.

Day 9 I was present, feeding my soul in other areas, practicing yoga in its highest form of connection. Sharing my light, allowing it to burn a little brighter by sharing space with those that I love. Be well today Yoga Belly. Practice yoga on and off the mat.

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