Yoga Belly OM racerbacks and tees are back! All sizes available. Get yours now while supplies last! Sorry friends, merch is only available in USA.

Men’s shorts from Brutal Buddha are now available for online purchase right here! Comes in all the colors to help brighten your daily practice.

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The goal of the project is to invite more men into the practice of yoga. In order to do that we need to break down stereotypes and barriers that prevent men from being open to the life altering benefits of a yoga practice. Historically, in India, yoga was only practiced by men to prepare their bodies for long mediations. Since the practice of yoga was adopted by the West it is predominantly practiced by women. Today in the US, only 20% of yoga practitioners are men.

What makes this project special and unique is that it’s not just a bunch of yoga pictures. By featuring men practicing yoga we are giving them a voice in the yoga community. 


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