Ignacio Fernandez Solano

My name is Ignacio Fernández Solano. I am in Costa Rica. I teach in Spanish or English or both.

I started my yoga practice by watching a TV show I saw years ago. Since then I´ve been interested in energies and vibration. Even as a young boy, I found it interesting. Then at the gym I used to go to, a girl came to teach some yoga lessons and there was the moment my heart felt what we all the yoga lovers feel at once. I wanted to become a yoga instructor/facilitator to share my experience with other people, especially the spiritual part that is harder to see and understand, but once you find it you can’t leave behind.

My style is hatha yoga, but I do love to go deeper in pranayama and meditations in my practice, so I mix all of those. Vinyasa can be added, to get more flow, and acro yoga and aerial yoga are some of the other styles I like, but the one I teach is Hatha. I´ve been teaching for a while, back in 2009/2010. I was hired as an instructor at a beach resort here in Costa Rica. In 2021 classes have been more open by both virtual and face to face lessons. I´m certified by a yoga school here in Costa Rica called Yoga Mandir Escuela de Yoga y Masaje Tailandes, recognized by the International Yoga Aliance in the USA. I’m more into pranayama and guided meditation, but also learning sound therapy, reiki and tantra.

As a teacher I like to have fun. I teach my lessons according to the people assisting and practicing, but I encourage them to have fun too: leaving the idea that yoga is a head stand or a great posture for a picture in IG! As an entertainer, I like to make people smile so I am not a serious yoga teacher. I like to communicate, to see, to hear my students, and joke around without being a clown or losing the real meaning of yoga. All this to offer a nice and relaxing experience for people to find their level but also to understand what yoga is about.

Life is a great challenge, with ups and downs that yoga has helped me to face. We’d all be liars if we say that we have everything under control,  being in zen mode all the time.  But when you practice yoga, this challenge becomes a bit easier to handle and also helps find solutions come from within. Yoga, breathing, meditation, and this beautiful journey with all the other elements as stones, aroma, philosophy, sounds, vibration, frequencies, etc are just magic that helps us to see life in a different way. And when you get to your mat, this magic is just recharging your mind, body and soul.

As an aquarian I do love being with those who I consider my friends and family. I like social and outdoor activities, but I like being alone too with just me and the voices in my head (hahaha). Cycling, drawing, handcrafts, beach, mountain, ocean, rivers, you name it, I like almost everything. I go with the flow as long as it has good vibes. I like to try and experience new things. I even became the first merman in my country, because I got a mermaid tail to be one of my dreams as a child. I believe that we can do everything we want as long as it does not affect others in a negative way.

You can find me in any of my yoga profiles on Instagram and Faceboo @hijodelsolcr; for my personal Instagram account @vagabondo126.