Lana or Sam… some call me the Yin Queen… I’ll take it! 😄

Wanted For:

Breath work, arm balances, mindful & intentional movement, thoughtful flows, laughter… and been told that I have a soothing voice.

Notorious For:

Chaturangas & chaturanga holds, getting people to smile & groan in Power, and getting them to snore in Yin. 😄

What’s on your Playlist:

EDM, Latin, Sol Rising, Mauve & that kind of downtempo, chill genre, pop… and ukelele & soothing tunes for Yin

Class Level:

Challenging and fun workout for all levels. You’ll push outside your comfort zone and leave feeling accomplished and powerful!

Heat Level:

Challenging for some, accessible modifications for others. I love going over the basics with new students and seasoned students… because I was new once and I’m always growing and learning, just like our seasoned students. 🤗


From my mentor: “transformation = consistency over time”From a dear friend who left this world too soon: “always do good” 🫶🏼