Diego Melo

My name is Diego Melo and I’ll be teaching in English from different parts of the world.

Yoga gave me the strength and curiosity to know more about my body. And I love yoga because it has helped me keep performing and be aware of my movements.

I love to teach Power Flow.

I have been practicing for more than 12 years and teaching for over than 5 years.

I am part of the team, I practice and share my knowledge with people. My classes, even if it they are hard, I try to make them as much fun as possible to make it easy and good for every student.

I want students to have their own unique experience in class. Because we are sharing energy, each class is a full experience of connection with brain/body and people practicing with you.

When off my mat, I am busy in different ways. I’m always super active playing sports, sharing time with people, working, meditation, etc. I also enjoy pottery, have passion for traveling, and enjoy meeting people.

I’m an acrobat and always jumping and challenging myself with lots of new elements. The most amazing thing that I have done is performed as a clown in one of the shows I was in… I love acting!

You can connect with me:

INSTAGRAM: @yog.uss