My name is Alejandro Chernacov and I’m in California, USA. The classes I teach are in English.

Yoga found me through back pain and I needed to feel better with my body. I love yoga because it’s always fun, challenging and a place where I get to focus on myself. 

I practice mostly vinyasa but also sculpt, hatha and restorative/yin. I teach vinyasa. 

I’ve been teaching for 6 years. I got my first certification from CorePower Yoga and then another from Yoga Belly. I specialize in vinyasa flows. 

As a teacher I am energetic, dynamic and love to smile. My classes are full of movement. I like to come up with non-traditional sequences and keep everyone engaged in class in terms of what comes next (keeps the mind sharp). I also want to make sure you have fun in class, learn something about yourself and feel as part of something bigger than yourself. 

My intention as a yoga teacher is to be able to provide a space where my students can grow and heal. We are always growing and (hopefully) moving with intention to achieve something in class, whatever that is to you for that day. We all suffer, yoga provides a safe space to heal; whether negative thoughts, beliefs, body aches, pains. We always continue our path to heal, grow stronger and be our best selves.  

I am constantly working. I have several jobs: life coach, manager at a gym, ecommerce project coordinator, and yoga instructor. In my free time I like to spend it outdoors hiking, camping, backpacking, and traveling. I love to dance, spend quality time with friends and always up for an adventure and great food. 

If you want to connect, please find me on Instagram @chernacov and on Tiktok @coachpuravida.

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