Prateek Verma

My name is Prateek Verma a.k.a. Yogi and I am in Laos. I teach my classes in English.

A few years ago, I was overweight/obese. My friends recommended that I practice Sun Salutations/Yoga postures to reduce my weight. I really didn’t know that I will fall in love with my daily practices of Yoga. After that I didn’t miss my regular practices, not one single day!

I have been teaching from last more than 11 years. I love to practice fitness flow & flexibility flow & gentle hatha flow. I love to teach all this in my classes. I have been certified from Government of India 🇮🇳 , QCI – Quality Control of India.

As a teacher, I am always ready to guide my participants and take them to higher level. My classes are fun, enthusiastic, and meditative. I feel the mixture of all. I want to help students have healthy bodies, relaxed minds, and flexible bodies. 😊👍🏻

I am a content creator. I love to shoot the videos.  I am music lover. I play drums. I am a nature lover. Besides this, I am a good photographer! I also play drums. I enjoy spending time with young people. I love to make funny videos!

Stay connected with me via Instagram @flexible_yogi Facebook @prateek verma and @heeru n prateek; Tiktok @pasert_yoga.