Vern Tsing Ong

My name is Vern Tsing Ong and I’m in Malaysia. I teach my classes in English.

I discovered Yoga by accident. I joined a beginners class sometime during college and found that I wasn’t too bad at it and I enjoyed it as a form of physical exercise. Over time the practice itself became more personal and important in my life. Yoga was more than just an exercise routine, it became an important ritual that brought strong expression and liberation to my life.

Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga are my go to for both my personal and teaching style. I either alternate or do a combo of the two.

I’ve been teaching for 1+ year. My 450hrs Advanced level certification is from MAYI (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors) Academy. I specialize in Hatha Yoga

I would describe myself as an easy laid back instructor, personally I believe yoga is for everyone and anyone that is open to the practice and willing to learn. I am a guide to aid you along your hero’s journey to a deeper understanding of your own personal practice and self discovery. I ensure my classes are as comfortable as possible for people of all levels. The classes are designed to ease beginners into the fundamentals of yoga from the physical aspects (asanas) such as safe execution to proper awareness to body alignment and the incorporation of breath with movement to deepen self awareness then over time slowly expand on different forms of Pranayama (Breathing techniques) and deeper rejuvenation through the practice of Yoga Nidra to elevate one’s practice.

The experience I intend to create is a moment for an individual to learn and understand their own body and self through their practice. A space free of judgment and open to interpretation be it on a physical level for health, a spiritual level through introspection and or both. A warm welcoming experience for every student.

When I’m off my mat, I do my best to spend my free time with good company.

Please follow me on Instagram: @balantsing_yogi