Yoga Belly 21 Day Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 I decided to wake up and take Courtney’s Yoga Belly class on Friday morning at 9:15am. I have to be finished with my work day early so that I can make my way up to the city to see Roseanne Barr at Cobb’s. We’ve had these tickets for a while and William is a big fan of hers so its building up to be a big moment. My husband is a man with few boundaries and don’t let someone famous be within earshot because we NEED to talk to them. We NEED to meet them. I usually just stand back and shake my head and let him do what he needs to do to let some of the steam off his OCD boiling pot. That’s the kind of love they don’t tell you about in the movies. Enough about us.

Courtney’s Yoga Belly class is pretty amazing. I really like how my body feels after having her guide me through the sequence. The amount of pumping and crunching in the beginning is pretty intense. Definitely some Pilates inspired Ab work and different techniques to getting a complete core workout. I really admire the knowledge that Courtney brings to her classes. The amount of time and energy that she puts into keeping herself at the forefront of education and taking herself to the next level is one of the reasons that we have decided to partner with her for the 200 hour Teacher Training program that starts in August. I would like to incorporate more of Courtney’s style into what I present as a teacher.

I have been really dealing with myself this month. Dialing it down on the mat, practicing more often. Not taking every chattarunga, perhaps a knees / Chest / Chin instead of taking the Double Chattarunga. There is something that is ingrained in us that feels like we have to push ourselves to our limits in order to:
A. Be a good Yogi
B. Get a good workout

So not true. Can you develop an ear to listen to your body? Can you make the right choices in the moment to feed your mind, body and soul? I’m trying to discipline my mind and feed myself what I need. Practice more often, more consistently, minimize the internal dialogue, and connect more. Isn’t the ultimate point of embracing the practice to maintain this level of mobility for the span of our lifetime? For me it is….I’m trying to find the balance between the practice and my duties in this life. Be well Yoga Belly. I hope you are enjoying the practice this month and the challenge.

All my love,

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